Winter expedition has begun! First winter ascent of an eight-thousander in Karakorum - 12th highest mountain in the world - i.e. Borad Peak 8,047 m, is its main objective. The expedition is going to take place from December 2012 to March 2013 and its participants are going to climb via route of the first conquerors, starting in the West from the Goldwin-Austin glacier in Baltoro. It is the 4th winter Polish expedition to this region and the 7th in history. Earlier the following expeditions were operating here: Polish-Canadian expedition of Andrzej Zawada (1987/88), expedition of Artur Hajzer (2008/09), two Italian expeditions of Simone Moro (2007 and 2008), one Spanish expedition of Juanito Oiarzabala (2003) and an expedition of Polish Mountaineering Association organized already within the framework of Polish Winter Himalayan Mountaineering program and led by Artur Hajzer in winter of 2010/2011. During Andrzej Zawada's expedition in 1988, Maciej Berbeka set a winter altitude record in Karakorum during a summit attempt of Broad Peak: he reached the forepeak 8,027 m and this record was beaten after 23 years, in 2011 on Gasherbrum II by an international team consisting in Moro, Urubko and Richards. Current expedition of Polish Mountaineering Association involves 5 participants, including Krzysztof Wielicki as the leader. They are going to employ classic tactics: 2,500 m of fixed ropes and 4 camps. The expedition is not going to use oxygen tanks. The expedition may be realized thanks to the support of the Ministry of Sport, Polish Mountaineering Association, Portal Górski (Mountain Website) and Kukuczka Foundation. PKN Orlen S.A. is the main sponsor. Bronisław Komorowski, the President of the Republic of Poland is the honorary patron of "Polish Winter Himalayan Mountaineering 2010-2015" program.

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